Low Cost Therapy

low cost counselling manchester

This service started in July 2009 and operates from the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy.

We offer high quality, supervised, Therapy and Counselling at  a low cost for those on low income or unemployed.

The clinical is staffed by 10 voluntary Therapists who come from our Advanced Four Year Psychotherapy Training.

Each of the Therapists have to successfully completed at least Two years of Advanced Psychotherapy Training and hold the Institute’s endorsement to practice.

Which effectively means they have been assessed as competent to work with the public in a clinical setting.

Who is the service suitable for?

The Manchester Institute Low Cost Counsellors and Psychotherapists specialise in working with adults who may be suffering from a variety of emotional difficulties that may involve experiences such as;

  • loss and bereavement
  • depression
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • crises of identity
  • relationship problems
  • eating disorder
  • sexual abuse issues
  • assertiveness problems
  •  life crisis
  • lack of self esteem

The service will not usually be suitable for individuals who have severe mental health problems, who are actively suicidal or have a current drug or alcohol misuse problem.

If you think Psychotherapy or Counselling might be usful to you and you wish to utilise the low cost services we offer please contact the Manchester Institute and ask to speak to someone on how to apply for this through the low cost clinic.

One of the central foundations of this service is protection and confidentiality, and to that end all the therapists working from the Low Cost clinic have a firm commitment to the above!

Please note this service, outlined above is, for people on a low income or unemployed.!! By low income we mean people whose income is under £15,000 per year.

Commencement of Low Cost Therapy

We offer the Low Cost Therapy in 6 month blocks, and we will be offering half an hour assessments with the client to work out who will be the right Low Cost Therapist for them.

You can apply for Low Cost Therapy through this scheme at anytime throughout the year.

Please contact the Institute on 0161 862  9456.

As the Low Cost Therapy is very popular it is best to get in contact earlier than later so that we can begin the Assessment process and get you allocated to a Low Cost Therapist.

Please see the biography of Low Cost Therapists section of this website.